Asia Pulp & Paper Sinar Mas at HANNOVER MESSE 2023

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Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas showcased its industry leadership at HANNOVER MESSE 2023, an event often regarded as the pinnacle of global industry trade fairs. Held in Hannover, Germany from 17-21 April 2023, the fair’s theme this year was ‘Industrial transformation – making the difference’. The trade fair aimed to delve deep into the strategies businesses employ to propel significant changes and craft innovative solutions that champion a smart, sustainable industry for tomorrow.

The event provided a platform for leading industry representatives to discuss the best way to tackle the challenges of achieving Industry 4.0. Other pivotal topics, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, adept energy management, and envisioning carbon-neutral production, were also key discussion points. As the globe’s industrial captains gathered to navigate the future of Industry 4.0, Indonesia took centre stage as the event’s inaugural ASEAN Official Partner Country, presenting over 150 exhibiting organisations taking part. Here’s a recap of the key highlights and takeaways:

Asia Pulp & Paper Pioneers Digital Evolution

For over a quarter-century, Asia Pulp & Paper has been at the forefront of Indonesia’s digital evolution. Embracing technological and digital transformation across its operations since the late 1990s, APP stands as a testament to resilience in a rapidly changing market. With this digital transition in place, notes APP ’s Head of Automation Alfian Lim, the company is able to leverage insightful real-time data analytics to drive productivity. As a result, both production speed and operational efficiency have increased. Recognised as a global leader in pulp and paper production, the company remains fiercely competitive on the world stage, leveraging cutting-edge technology in product development.

Asia Pulp & Paper Highlights Collaborative Efforts

At HANNOVER MESSE 2023, APP Sinar Mas underscored the vital role of collaboration in its continued success. Through a strategic partnership with Tietoevry, a leading European software enterprise, Asia Pulp & Paper seamlessly integrated the TIPS Industry Solution and Services – an advanced Manufacturing Execution System – into its SAP infrastructure. This state-of-the-art system digitalises and automates processes within the production landscape, strengthening the agility and adaptability of the company’s internal capabilities. Leveraging Tietoevry’s solution, APP has benefited from transparent, real-time data insights into all factory operations. This has catalysed marked improvements in operational efficiency, product excellence, as well as green commitments like APP’s Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2030.

APP Champions Indonesia’s Sustainable Industrial Vision

On the note of sustainability, it is imperative to mention the role of Indonesia’s industrial transformation. This, as President Joko Widodo emphasised in his speech at the trade fair, is in accordance with the Making Indonesia 4.0 strategic initiative, which aims to foster a green and tech-driven economy and skill force.

In line with this vision, Asia Pulp & Paper introduced its steadfast commitment to sustainability and its latest technological breakthroughs. It has actively spearheaded environmental initiatives in three areas – production practices, forest restoration, and community engagement. These commitments are evident in their proactive efforts towards sustainable forestrymitigating greenhouse gas emissions, and the enhancement of community welfare through the Desa Makmur Peduli Api (DMPA) programme.

Innovation remains at the heart of these sustainability pursuits. To stay both relevant and eco-conscious, APP consistently pioneers new, environmentally-friendly paper solutions. Recognising the rising global concern over the environmental impact of single-use plastics, Asia Pulp & Paper proactively introduced Foopak Bio Natura. This innovative paperboard, engineered with unique multi-layer, plastic-free coatings, serves as an answer to sustainable food and drink packaging — recyclable, home compostable, and fully biodegradable.

Moreover, to safeguard Indonesia’s rainforests from illicit activities and wildfires, APP employs cutting-edge technology. Collaborating with a satellite surveillance specialist, APP implemented targeted strategies to mitigate risks to its supplier plantations and tackle environmental challenges stemming from illegal forest clearance. This proactive approach has markedly reduced forest degradation.

Asia Pulp & Paper’s Global Competitiveness and Green Commitment

Asia Pulp & Paper’s participation in HANNOVER MESSE 2023 aptly reflects Indonesia’s broader vision for Industry 4.0. By forming global technological alliances with giants like SAP Indonesia and Tietoevry, APP has cemented its reputation as a leading paper producer. Through its successful digitisation efforts, APP has achieved real-time data analysis, elevated product quality, and enhanced efficiency across multiple operational facets. This journey underscores the company’s dedication to sustainability and bolsters Indonesia’s momentum towards Industry 4.0.

Discover how Asia Pulp & Paper leverages technology and innovation to meet the global demand for tissue, packaging and paper, while setting its sights on carbon neutrality and a sustainable horizon.