Asia Pulp & Paper’s Innovates for a Carbon-Neutral Future

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In today’s rapidly evolving world, sustainability and innovation are central to the success of organisations. Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas is leading the way by adopting strategies that prioritise environmental conservation and responsible product development.

A Multi-Prong Approach: People, Product, and Forest

Asia Pulp & Paper takes a holistic approach to innovation by focusing on three primary pillars: People, Product, and Forest, under our Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2030. Unlike many companies that narrowly concentrate on products, we recognise the importance of incorporating innovation across our value chain.

With our products reaching customers in over 150 countries, we defy the notion that paper is a stagnant industry. We have proven that innovation must be embraced across the paper products manufacturing industry to ensure relevance and sustainability. Furthermore, being in the forestry business means we have the unique opportunity to innovate in product development, energy use, community engagement, and policy, promoting positive outcomes for businesses, people, and the planet.

Pushing Boundaries in the Paper Industry

In the pursuit of environmental responsibility, the paper industry has been forced to innovate and adapt. A classic example is the traditional single-use drinking cup. Often lined with plastic, such cups have been indispensable but environmentally harmful. Growing consumer awareness led to a demand for sustainable packaging.

Responding to this demand, here at Asia Pulp & Paper, we have developed Foopak Bio Natura, an innovative paperboard engineered with multi-layer, plastic-free coatings. Our versatile Foopak range is fully recyclable, home compostable, biodegradable, and halal-certified, showcasing the company’s commitment to sustainable solutions.

Leveraging Technology for Forest Conservation and Protection

As we dive into forest conservation, it’s essential to recognise that everyone has a part to play in preserving and protecting forests. Being in the forestry business and dependent on renewable resources, we understand and affirm the importance of forest conservation, especially considering the forests’ ability to store carbon.

Indonesia, home to the world’s third-largest rainforest reserve, contains hectares of Asia Pulp & Paper’s concession areas that require meticulous protection. However, given the size and remote locations, not all areas are accessible by ground patrols. Enter our innovation in technology.

Utilising Cutting-Edge Satellite Surveillance for Forest Monitoring

To address forest monitoring challenges in our concession areas, Asia Pulp & Paper partnered with MDA, a satellite surveillance and intelligence provider. Together, we developed a ‘near-real-time’ early warning system to monitor and provide alerts through our Forest Alert Service (FAS). This system covers 38 pulpwood suppliers on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, utilising MDA’s RADARSAT-2 satellite to capture forest disturbances down to a few trees and address forest cover changes in near-real-time.

This innovation has enabled us to determine and implement necessary measures to reduce threats to our supplier plantations and mitigate environmental risks. The significant reduction of forest degradation across our concession area of 600,000 plus hectares exemplifies Asia Pulp & Paper’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Achieving Renewable Energy Goals and Reducing Carbon Emissions

Now, let’s explore how Asia Pulp & Paper is forging ahead in achieving renewable energy goals. Our actions have resulted in 55% renewable energy use at mills, with the OKI mill in South Sumatra utilising 95% renewable energy from biomass. Substitution of black liquor (a lignin-rich by-product) for fossil fuels further supports our goal of a 30% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

Here at Asia Pulp & Paper, we aim to set an example by increasing our use of renewable energy. The International Energy Agency even considers black liquor the fifth most important fuel on Earth, highlighting our role in shaping a sustainable future.

Vision for the Future: The Road to 2030

As a leading global pulp-and-paper company, Asia Pulp & Paper continually focuses on innovating products and processes. Through our Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2030, we have committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 30%, conserving over half a million hectares of natural forest, and enhancing the lives of people in the communities around our concession areas. These efforts exemplify how innovation can drive positive change across industries, reflecting a broader commitment to responsible stewardship that benefits the environment and society.

We encourage everyone to learn more about these issues on APP Stories and to join us in our endeavour to protect and preserve our shared Earth through our various social media platforms. Let’s stand together to contribute to a healthier, safer, and greener world.