Asia Pulp and Paper’s Iwan and Eldi Keep Wildfire at Bay

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Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) Sinar Mas continually pioneers the implementation of proactive strategies to ensure our forests’ health, with our Integrated Fire Management (IFM) strategy designed to effectively prevent and manage forest fires in our concession areas. Although a solid strategy is the backbone of effective wildfire management, it is the unwavering dedication and bravery of our firefighter squad members like Iwan and Eldi Ramadanis that truly bring it to life.

Asia Pulp and Paper’s Heroes: Iwan and Eldi

Iwan and Eldi are two remarkable individuals whose commitment, skill, and fortitude serve as an inspiration to their peers at Asia Pulp and Paper. These heroes, equipped with both physical and mental strength, willingly embrace the daily challenges and uncertainties that come with their role in firefighting.

Every day, without fail, their routine begins at 8 AM, as they embark on their critical mission to monitor the Kayan concession in West Kalimantan. Their duty doesn’t end when the sun goes down; their vigilance extends around the clock because, in the world of firefighting, emergencies can strike at any hour.

The Rigours of Fire Monitoring at Asia Pulp and Paper

“Iwan and I patrol a radius of 24 kilometres using either cars or motorbikes. So far, we’ve never encountered any fires; this area is still considered safe. Members from the Community Fire Prevention (also known as Masyarakat Peduli Api) participate in our patrols,” said Eldi, originally from Sambas. He gives a glimpse into their daily routine, demonstrating how they diligently uphold their responsibility.

Their role, however, extends beyond merely patrolling the area. If a fire does erupt, they are the first responders, prepared to risk their lives for the welfare of our forests. Extinguishing a fire in a single area could take between six to 10 hours, a testament to the immense challenges firefighters from Asia Pulp and Paper willingly face each day. They must endure the harsh conditions, even tolerating the burns from sparks that reach their turnout pants and jackets during these gruelling hours.

But they do not face these challenges alone. Like the unwavering paramedics who stand shoulder to shoulder with our firefighting team, ensuring their health and safety, Iwan, Eldi, and their colleagues are part of a larger, cooperative effort to protect and preserve our forests. In their daily acts of heroism, they represent the spirit of collective responsibility and mutual support that defines Asia Pulp and Paper’s mission.

Asia Pulp and Paper’s Pride: A Noble Task

Their role as firefighters at Asia Pulp and Paper is not just a job; it’s a calling that demands a level of courage and dedication that not all people possess. It’s a noble task, which Iwan, Eldi, and many others at Asia Pulp and Paper bravely undertake, each showcasing an unwavering commitment to protecting our environment.

“To be able to preserve, safeguard, and protect the area from fire is a matter of pride,” echoed both Iwan and Eldi. Their profound statement manifests their deep-rooted commitment to the protection of the forests, the cornerstone of Asia Pulp and Paper’s sustainability mission.

The Way Forward with Asia Pulp and Paper

Although we hope that Iwan and Eldi, as well as the rest of the brave Asia Pulp and Paper firefighter squad, will not have to face any fires in the future, the reality of wild fires remains a global concern. As such, it is incumbent upon each one of us to be more vigilant and mindful in our actions to prevent fires.

Through the collective effort of individuals like Iwan and Eldi, along with the support of all stakeholders, Asia Pulp and Paper continues to make strides in wildfire management. Their bravery exemplifies our commitment to ensuring the health of our forests, ultimately contributing to a safer, more sustainable world for future generations.