Asia Pulp & Paper’s Unsung Heroes: Meet Irma, Putri, and Dwi

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During the dry season in Indonesia, spanning from August to September, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas’s Rapid Response Fire Fighting Teams play a critical role in monitoring our concession areas and preventing fires. This time period is of heightened importance and vigilance for our team members, and alongside them in the field, there is another vital group that helps sustain these operations – our team of dedicated paramedics, Irma, Putri, and Dwi.

Working Alongside Asia Pulp & Paper’s Firefighters

This heroic trio performs an incredibly pivotal role for Asia Pulp & Paper, yet their efforts often go unseen, their contributions behind the scenes. Irma, Putri, and Dwi’s daily tasks involve the important duty of making rounds, but they do not carry out this responsibility within the familiar confines of a hospital. Instead, they traverse from post-to-post across the challenging terrains in South Sumatra, conducting health check-ups and preparing essential medications for those injured in the line of duty.

These posts aren’t situated along a well-trodden path, rather in areas surrounded by dense vegetation and swamp, complicating their travels and making them not just painstaking but also time-consuming. Their workday begins early in the morning, and by the time they’ve attended to an approximate of 10 patients each day, it’s often well past 10 PM. Yet, despite these rigorous and challenging conditions, Irma, Putri, and Dwi remain steadfastly dedicated to serving Asia Pulp & Paper’s firefighting team.

Challenges and Resilience: Asia Pulp and Paper’s Paramedic Heroes

Firefighters are susceptible to respiratory health conditions and skin irritations due to their constant exposure to smoke and the limited availability of water for days on end. Given this, the role of our medical team within the overall operations of Asia Pulp & Paper becomes even more critical. They carry with them portable oxygen supplies, medications, and salves for burns and itch, ensuring that our firefighters remain in top form to continue their demanding and vital work.

A Dedication that Extends Beyond Duty

Despite the clear dangers and immense challenges they face, Irma, Putri, and Dwi chose to be part of Asia Pulp & Paper’s firefighting efforts. Their experiences range from thrilling to downright nerve-wracking. For example, Putri once found herself making a solo canoe journey through remote locations, armed only with a machete for defence against any potential wildlife encounters. Yet even these experiences don’t dampen their spirits or lessen their resolve.

Instead, they find a sense of fulfilment and joy in their roles, recognising the importance and value of their work. They have gone as far as to express a preference for Asia Pulp & Paper’s field duties over regular hospital work, finding richness in the life lessons and experiences they gain from serving in the field.

Irma, Putri, and Dwi, through their tireless efforts and unwavering dedication, have become an integral part of the Asia Pulp & Paper’s commitment to protect the forests. Their contribution is invaluable to our team’s efforts to maintain the health and safety of those fighting on the frontlines of fire prevention.

Unsung Heroes Bolstering Asia Pulp & Paper’s Sustainability Efforts

As we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Irma, Putri, and Dwi, we must also acknowledge the broader implications of their work and the importance of supporting environmental conservation efforts. We encourage everyone to learn more about these issues on APP Stories, and to join us in our endeavour to protect and preserve our shared Earth through our various social media platforms. Let’s stand together to contribute to a healthier, safer, and greener world.